I pledge that I will always put my children and family first. My children made me a mother and I promise to always treasure that role and my relationship with them.  I will honor, encourage and celebrate each of my children for the individual that they are, not the child I expected them to be.


I pledge to stop comparing myself to other mothers. Not only are our journeys in motherhood different, but we are all individuals. Our differences are what make us special and shape our unique experience as a mother. I accept that I am the exact person I was meant to be.


I pledge that I will make a conscious effort to take care of myself. I know that when I take care of myself, I have more to give to my family and community. This means I will allow myself time to rest, to laugh and to occasionally be pampered.  I pledge to set a positive example by taking care of my body, mind and heart.


I pledge to show respect to all mothers regardless of race, age, national origin, religion, or lifestyle. The diversity in our community of mothers is what strengthens us and provides a greater variance of experience to pull from.


I pledge to support other mothers/families and accept help when needed. I understand the value of community – of my village. I will work to grow a supportive community sharing my strengths, acknowledging others, and building each other up.


Families whose members have disabilities, illness, special needs and/or hardships have more difficulties than others. I pledge to acknowledge the struggles of other mothers and advocate for their inclusion in schools, social engagements and our community.


I pledge to never take myself too seriously.  Laughter is the best medicine (wine helps too). I understand the value of humor in getting me through this journey and heal me when I am feeling low.


I pledge to love my children, my family, my community, and myself- and cherish that love always. I will not allow negativity or hatred to encroach on our happiness. By working to build a more accepting and loving community now, I am leaving a better future to my children.


Most importantly, I will not suffer in silence. I promise that I will seek out help when needed whether that be support, advice or more direct coaching/counseling. If I ever feel lost, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or trapped, I will reach out to my community.